Performance Cars

The distinctive sound of a muscle car picking up speed on the open highway causes a pulse-pounding sensation in the on-looker's chests. For the driver and passengers, those few seconds it takes for that car to go 0 to 60 is almost a lifetime, until they are pushed back into their seats by the force.

As one of the most recognizable cars on the road, the Ford Mustang was first introduced at the Ford Pavilion in New York City, during the 1964 World's Fair. True to its design and personality the Mustang has captured the public's imagination as the car to have for more than 50 years. This is especially true if you have a place to be and need to get there fast, but want to arrive in true American style.

The Mustang has a body and frame that holds as true as possible to the original 1964 design, but with improved technology and engineering. Aesthetically, the Mustang is the same, but the 2017 Mustang models are far more aerodynamic and have more horsepower than the originals ever could have.

Not only does the Mustang have a similar look and feel, but all of the upgraded technology available is incredible. That highway cruise is made better by the best speakers, blind spot detection technology, and those amazing rain-sensing wipers that adapt instantly to those sudden Colorado snow storms.

Phil Long Ford at Motor City has the Mustangs you want, all you have to do is call or visit us today! 

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